Line Charts w/ 100s of Possible Breakouts - How to set all breakouts to "Replace Missing Values" with Zero or Nothing?

Is there a way to update "Replace Missing Values with" to 'Zero' or 'Nothing' instead of Linear Interpolated without updating each breakout manually?

I have a few dashboards that are really valuable - they show a specific customer's order history broken out by category, product, etc. over time.

In each instance, there are dozens to hundreds of potential breakouts & they all need to show either zero or nothing in order to be accurate & meaningful.

Is there a way to update a default setting to avoid this issue in future line charts? Or to bulk update that value in existing line charts, rather than line-by-line?


Hi @KyleM
It's currently not possible to set it for all series via a setting: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post