Link entity name field to detail

Is there a way to link the entity name value in a record list to the entity detail instead of or in addition to the entity key? I thought that might be possible via the formatting as a link in the data model but I don’t know how to figure out the URL of a given entity detail view.
In the attached screenshot I want the values listed in the AS/400 location id column to link to the entity detail view for this entity type. This could be instead of or in addition to the entity key linking there which is working.

Hi @mateofstate
You mean Object Details? I’m not totally sure what you’re trying to do. You would use Foreign Key, which then references an Entity Key.

I want this field to be a clickable link to the details page/form instead of the entity key.

@mateofstate Then set it as the Entity Key - if that’s the unique identifier of the table.

That will probably work for me. This table happens to have a natural key and then a database-generated autoincrement primary key. I was hoping I could make the natural key value a link to the database PK entity key so that it also shows the relations to the other tables on the detail page. I can set both columns to entity key but the natural key, since it’s not the database-designated PK, doesn’t link to any relations. I was wondering if there was some kind of URL that I could just plug the real PK into to take the user to the detail view of that entity.

@mateofstate You could probably generate the URL - the query hash are just base64 encoded strings.
The Object Details isn’t a normal visualization like the other types, so you don’t have the same control over it.