Link from chart


is it possible to include a way to provide a clickable url from a chart?

Lets say I have a bar chart and when I click on a certain column, a certain link will open, that is returned with the results.



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Not at the moment.

We’re working on letting you drill into charts and dashboards though, and it’d be helpful if you let us know what the link you were thinking of would be.

I was thinking of being able to return a link as part of the query results.

Assuming I’m querying a table users and grouping by team (and url), I would display a pie chart of how many users I have per team. Additionally the query could return a column with a url, pointing to another external system. So when the metabase user clicks a part of the piechart, she is forwarded to an external system displaying all the users of that team.

FYI - We're starting to nibble at the underpinnings for this -


Is there any update on this hyperlink feature request, we are also looking for a way to provide links from various parts of visualizations based on value of the data at any specific point.

@deepak.chourasia The functionality is available in the Enterprise Edition via Custom Drill-Through