Linked filter don't work for standard users

Hi Team,
Running 0.41.2. As 'Admin' I am able to get linked filters to work on a dashboard. eg, Select a teacher on one filter, then limits the classes in the second/class filter.

But when another standard user logs in, it doesn't work as expected and doesn't work like my own account. These standard users only have access to selected Collections and not access to the Databases themselves. The dashboard otherwise works as expected.

Hi @amosm
The dropdown filters requires data permissions to show, so that is why it's not working.
It is something that we are currently working on, but it's complicated to get permissions correct: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thanks for that - I'm just confused as they work on their own, just not linked. Cheers.

@amosm Yeah, that's a separate issue. But Linked Filters does a search on the warehouse. It gets rather technical.

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