Linked Filter in Dashboard Didn't Work

Hi everyone,
I'm creating a dashboard where it has multiple filters.
let's say it has:

  • "Seller ID" (aka. "Code") filter
  • "Distribution Point Name" (aka. "Toko Cabang") filter

I used linked filter which in this case "seller ID" is a parent of "distribution point name"

After that, I:

  1. use filter "Seller ID"
  2. select "Distribution Point Name"
    But, when I want to use "distribution point name", it shows all filter from all seller ID, instead of from filtered seller ID

I already use this reference too but it doesnt work out too

How can I solve it?

As reference, I upload some screenshots.

Thank you!

Hi @firza.pratama
Then you should set the code filter to be linked to Toko Cabang - not the other way like you have now.
You might want to read this:

Hi @flamber

I'm working with @firza.pratama on this same project. In our case, Toko Cabang is the filters that we want to react to a change in the code filter and Toko Cabang is on the lower hierarchical level than code.

So, compared to state-city example in this doc, code is state and Toko Cabang is city in our case.

Therefore as far as my understanding, setting up the linked filters on Toko Cabang is already the right thing to do.

@irulf Okay, then it's still not correct with the images provided.
You need Toko Cabang to be linked to code - not the other way around, like the images show.
See figure 7 in the article:

Fig. 7 . Limit the City filters choices based on values selected for the State filter.

Hi @flamber ,
already change the linked filters as you recommend, but it still doesnt work

Do you have any other suggestion?

@firza.pratama Make a dashboard with 2 filters and 1 question, and try setting it up as you want.
Make sure that to use Field Filters if it is a SQL question.