Linked filters not working [SOLVED]

V0.40.1 A dashboard with cards as native SQL questions each containing County and Crop is the starting point. Editing the dashboard Crop filter and toggling the Linked filter for the County should narrow the Crop filter’s selection only to those in a given County. When choosing County, however, Crops not contained in the given County are still among the possible choices and selecting them results in empty datasets. Linked filters appear to work with the Sample database using People and Orders via the Metabase editor so why is the same not working for County and Crops?

Hi @mesquest
So it has nothing to do with "County" or "Crop", but which type of filter it is, and the Field Type and the relationship between those tables the field belong to in Admin > Data Model.

OK, I see, the relationship between the tables in terms of keys and or foreign keys must be defined in the data model. Metabase might want to explain that more explicitly in the linked filter documentation. No matter, for my purposes then I'll probably not be able to take advantage of linked filters. I'm dealing with extensive Common Table Expressions (CTEs) with multiple tables early in the stack only bringing in County and Crop names at the very end for populating filters.

Got linked filters to work! The solution is indeed establishing the relationship between tables in terms of keys and foreign keys. That should be explicitly explained in the documentation.

@mesquest So you are seeing issue 16872 - go and upvote the issue.
We're working on updating the docs -