Linked two date filters

Hii all... I have a dashboard that contains two date filters . one is relative date filters and one is date range. can we link both of these. i am using two date filters on clients demand because they want it to be easily accessible.

Hi @Juhi
I don't think I understand what you are trying to link? Or why you're not just using the Time > "All Options" as the date filter, which would provide both types in a single filter widget.

Hii @flamber
Thanks for quick reply.I got your point. But my client want me keep these filters visible so that they dnt have to search where specific date is . So my question is i have these two filters. they are giving me correct result. But i created some drill down charts and when i pass coulmn to the saved questions they only allow me to pass through one of these filters. Do we option so that we can pass column values to both these filters.

@Juhi You would have to create two filters on the destination, so you can define both.
I think it would be better if you could tell your customer what to expect instead of too many hacky workarounds.

Thanks @flamber.
Is it possible to create two filters on the same column. I am not getting this part. My dashboard drills down to the saved question. I guess that's my destination. There i tried to create two filters but i think we can create only 1 filter with 1 column. Suppose if i want to apply filter on created at column as a date range or and relative dates.
Please give me little more detail on your suggestion.

@Juhi If they are basically referring to the same column, then only one of the filters will apply.
I would recommend that you figure out another solution with only a single filter.

Thanks @flamber
i will think of something else then