Linking Sql Parameter with dashboard filter

Hi guys, I'm making variable filter on my question which is not field filter, it's a date type and it's a sql parameter variable, something like this :
[[or payments.transaction_at < {{from_invoice_date}}]]
I have a reason that I can't use field filter, since this variable is not only filtering before payment transactiondate, but on other side of this query i used this variable for another filter purpose too
[[and payments.transaction_at >= {{from_invoice_date}}]]
[[and payments.transaction_at <= {{to_invoice_date}}]]

How do we send from_invoice_date filter value from my dashboard filter to this question sql parameter?

Any help will be very appreciated

Hi @denly93
You do exactly like you would do if it was a Field Filter, but you can only use Single Date on the dashboard, since the variable type is Date, which is also a single date.
Just for reference:

Hi @flamber,
Previously I make a Pivot visualization using custom question with data from saved native query question (this native query has sql parameter inside)
When I add my pivot to dashboard and add filter to it, I can't see my variable inside my saved native query, it is a nested data.

@denly93 That's currently not supported: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post