List most recent date

I have a table of blog posts published by different groups. One column is the group name and another is the publication date. Groups have made multiple posts over time. I want a list of the date of most recently published post, listed by the name of the group. How would I do this? Thank you!

Hi, you need to use the group by and order by SQL statements in your query.

So there's no way to do this in the metabase notebook? I don't really speak SQL and want to use metabase's features if can.

In the editor, you can "Summarize" with "Maximum of..." your published date column ("by day") "by" your category column.

Ah that would have been perfect! But for some reason it's not letting me select maximum of the date. It seems to only allow maximum of straight number amounts, not of dates.

The column in the table (Updates) that I'm trying to select looks like this:

But in the editor, it won't let me select anything from the Updates table for Maximum Of.

Do you know why this might be the case? Does it not read the dates as numbers it can sequence?

I have tested yet, it's OK on my Metabase 0.45.2 with DATETIME table column.
This column has Metabase > Admin > Data model > MyDB > MyTable > Type > Creation timestamp too.