List of formulas for custom expressions not showing in version 0.43.4

Hello, on version 0.43.4 I no longer see the the formulas available to create a custom expression. Is there a way to display this as it was in the previous versions?

Hi @rviteri, the formulas will pop up when you enter the first letter of the formula

Yes, I noticed that. But I don't know the formulas by name so it was very handy to see them displayed. For example, I made a percentile formula a few weeks ago and I am trying to replicate it now. But without the formula list it is hard to figure it out.

@rviteri We had to remove it from auto-loading, since the suggestion list caused a long delay (1-2 seconds), when rendering. It's a known issue with the Ace editor we're using.

Are the formulas documented somewhere?

@rviteri Yes,