Load pre-created dashboards for production deployment


We are trying to use the free version of Metabase as a docker container, and deploy that as part of our on-prem software bundle for our customers. First of all, does the licensing term allow this? If it does, then we want to deploy pre-crafted dashboards as part of the software bundle we give out to our customers (without the customers having to create dashboards themselves). How would we do this? The documentation was not clear. We do not want the "data" but just the dashboard definitions to be installed at our customer environments.

That's exactly how one of my customers is working. You just deploy the metabase database and change the database connection and url in the settings.

or you use the API to seed the instance on the deployment stage

Thanks these tips and help. If I choose to deploy the metabase database itself (be it the embedded one, stored on disk, or perhaps, Postgres), does the database contain only config information (which is preferable), or does it have any cache of data as well coming along for the ride?

You can truncate some of the tables to remove the stuff you don't want.
Just don't use the embedded H2 database - you'll regret it very quickly.

Thank you for all the help