Localhost Not Working

I’m new to metabase. Recently i created a postgre database and my dadhboard was eorking but after restarting my laptop the localhost:3000 refuse to connect. In fact all of my localhost ports do not work.

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did you ever figure this out? I am having same issue. thanks!


Local host 3000 not woking…

You need to provide more information. Version, deployment details? Errors? Imagine you were describing a car not starting - have you forgotten the key, or have no fuel? Maybe the car’s wheels have been stolen?

Local Host 3000
error: This site can’t be reached

So your car engine doesn’t start?

How are you starting metabase? Java -jar metabase.jar? What errors do you see?

Thanks Andrew. Running v29.3 connecting to db SQLite and feeding iFrame via django. I was having the issue originally when running on the Mac OS install.

For anyone else looking into this: I have resolved this issue by moving to the .jar implementation which defaults to localhost:3000 which resolved the problem with no changes to other areas. I am not sure the exact issue on the the Mac OS install, but I think it was something to do with either my network settings or the localhost being run elsewhere - or perhaps both.

Having a little trouble with the iFrame of a dashboard freezing up when clicking now but i haven’t had the chance to play with it yet.