Login Error After setup Metabase via Docker

I have installed metabase using docker via [How To Install Metabase on Ubuntu 20.04 with Docker | DigitalOcean]

and then i setup email password and email

after that i login fill my email n password , my app reload and back to empty filed again

my log look like :

can someone help me solve the issues ?

Is this email (username), password and email (admin settings > email)?

Based on logs, you don't have email set up properly (or you don't have it set up at all) as your SMTP host is missing.

What did you input for the smtp host field?

When Setup Metabasa i didnt get smtp field, just email and password field

You don't need SMTP configured for the initial setup. Please post diagnostic info and post a video. Also please open the browser dev tools and go to the network tab so we can see what's going on at the API level