Login in metabase is slow


My metabase is slow to login, a have error:

Request URL: https://xxx.xxx.com/app/locales/pt.json
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 404 Not Found

Could this impact login speed?

Metabase Version: v0.47.1

I run metabase in gke with 5 pods, 1vcpu and 1gb ram per pod.

nope, that's definitely not the problem. Why does the app can't get the portuguese translation? that's weird

do you have RAM pressure? how many users? dbs?

Hi Luiggi.

I resolved the issue by creating a new user. The main cause of the error was that I was using the same user that I use for the internal system to access the Metabase API. So, I created a user just to access the API and another user to access the system.