Lost Admin Password

I lost my password to Metabase running on Kubernetes. I am the only admin on the team and can’t seem to reset password. Can I find my password in system files on the container running Metabase in Kubernetes ?

Hi @kng
The passwords are stored in the application database.

Thanks @flamber, the password in application database is encrypted and the reset_token attribute is null.
Is there a way to decrypt the encrypted password?

I resolved this by making another team member super_user in the core_user table and have them reset my password.

Hey, how do you create a new super user in core_user table? Thanks

@mal_a You should absolutely not do that manually - it's a great way to corrupt your application database.
Use the API to create a new user. https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/api-documentation.html
If you already have a user in core_user that you want to make superuser, then change the is_superuser column to true for that user.

@flamber Can the change of is_super_user for an existing user be done manually? Or is there a way to decrypt the encrypted password?

@mal_a You can change is_superuser manually, like I wrote.
You cannot decrypt the passwords - it's a one-way hash (bcrypt)