Lost everything on ElasticBeanstalk

Hey there,

I was using Metabase on ElasticBeanstalk and everything was fine. Today I realized that the website was off. I saw that the ec2 instance was with the SEVERE status.Tried to reboot the machine. I don’t know if it was rebooted, but after a while it was Ok, but when I returned to the website, there weren’t any of my Dashboards or Questions. It was as the first time that I opened it. I also realized that Metabase was updated. Is there any way that I could recover my dashboards and questions?

Thank you all.

Hi @ironzep

How did you setup Metabase - with backend using H2 or Postgres/RDS?
If you used H2, then you need to recover from a backup (if you have any).


Well, I just opened the website and made the configuration (Put the host, username, password. etc). I am using MySQL. Sorry, but I don’t know the difference. I am searching a lot, but still don’t know how to backup with Docker on ElasticBeanstalk. I did not configure a database in the ElasticBeanstalk. In the console, I can’t use a database that already exists. It looks like I must create one, that is the problem. I already have a database.

Thank you!


I’m asking what database Metabase uses to store it’s data to - not what database you connect to for analytics.
If you didn’t do anything, then it defaults to H2, which will be deleted/overwritten, when you update Metabase - unless you’ve defined separate storage - when using Docker.

Follow the tutorial to setup EB again and make sure you’re not using H2, but Postgress or MySQL.
I don’t use AWS, so I have no idea how or if EB are backed up. I would guess there’s no backup, since it expects that you store your data outside of the Docker.