Mac app janky and unreliable

I’m playing around with Metabase to see if it could make sense for my organisation. To do this initial exploration I’m using the Mac app, but I’m finding the UI very janky. Is this the general experience people have with Metabase, or something specific to the mac app? At the moment it’s completely putting me off using Metabase as our internal BI tool (even though I like the features).

I’ve not used the Mac app, but the web UI has always been very smooth for me. Multiple browser versions and different server OS.
Just use the jar file instead (I assume Mac has java.exe? I’m ok with Windows and Linux, but no experience of Macs).

OK great, that’s good to hear. I don’t think we’d use the mac app if we decided to go ahead and fully adopt metabase, so the browser being smooth is important

Hey, @dwl285. Sorry to hear you’re finding the Mac app to be less than smooth. Which version are you using? (You can click the gear in the top-right and select “About Metabase” to find out.)

Are there specific pages or interactions that you found to be particularly janky?

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately I can’t even check the version at the moment, because every time I open the app I get a fatal error message