Make Metabase available on umbrlOS

Hello everyone.

I was testing umbrelOS and notice they use Docker for installing apps. Since Metabase has Docker installation, would be possible for the Metabase team to make it available as an app on umbrelOS?

I've never seen anything easier to use than umbrelOS:

  • Install Ubuntu
  • Run 1 command for installing umbrelOS
  • Open the machine IP address on port 80 for accessing umbrelOS
  • Select an app and click on install

I think Metabase would greatly benefit of this as umbrelOS gets more and more known.

Here's the link of how to make it available on their app store:

Hope more people get to know this and support it!

I kept searching and found out Metabase is available on Yunohost: YunoHost app store | Metabase

Yunohost seems a good alternative, completely Free and Open Source. Has anyone tried it?