Make sure to always display full view including content

maybe some people will contradict this but I am using metabase as a great KPI system for our management and would like to suggest an improvement (in addition to several others I asked).
I think you should grant an ability as an admin, to show Numbered data in boards when scaled to full view, based on either the numbers width or if necessary the content width.
see examples, I add several key performance indicators with distinctive names , but the default view displays the numbers mainly causing the text below to be incomplete. when I reduce the browser to 75%, its shown much better and as I think it should be.

I do understand the names shouldn’t be too long, but actually as long as I display the numbers in a small box (as to be shown very short with only 3-5 characters, having distinct names will always be incomplete and that’s slightly inconvenient.
also be advised that I set the names and board to look nice in the regular view, and only in full view it make that adjustment to cause my issue.

thank you

guys @ metabase I would like you input about this please

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Daniel. We’ll take a look.