Manually decide pivot dimensions

My users love pivot tables to see information.

However, how can they decide which field should go to which axes? I cannot find any possibility to swap the months and product categories using the sample data.

In the settings form there appears to only be a button Pivot the table, but no way to specify how.


Hi, this would be a really useful feature for us as well. I would like to change row/column for pivots in the settings. Any plans to work on that in future versions?

Great suggestion. There are a few things we’re planning on doing to improve the pivot table visualization (like row/column subtotals) and this sounds like something we ought to include as well.


Is there an issue in some issue tracker that you can add to this question so we can follow when something happens with the request?

Yes issues (both bugs and feature requests) are with the Metabase source code on GitHub. I guess the relevant one to :+1: on and subscribe to would be: