Manually set accuracy

For numeric fields, there is no function to manually set the precision. For example, a number with six decimal places can't be realized if you only want to keep two decimal places.

Hi @jiajiajiajia
I don't think I understand what you're trying to do.
Are you looking for a Custom Expression? Then you can do something like this:
round([my_field] * 100) / 100

I want to change the two decimal places of 1.23456 into 1.23 by setting the precision. However, there is no such function.

@jiajiajiajia That's exactly what my example does.

How to set such settings in metabase? Or can you add such a setting function?

@jiajiajiajia I don't understand what you mean. It already exists. Use Custom Expressions:

The desired precision setting is not on the user side, but on the management side.