Map values based on custom created fields

I've successfully loaded a map of Canada its provinces to Metabase from

Unfortunately, none of my data match the region identifiers in the map. So, I converted the Province value in my data to match the postal-code value in the geojson using CASE WHEN statements. The new Region variable matches the values in the postal-code identifier, but no data appears on the map.

Is it possible to display data from created fields using the map visualization?

Hi @levinemich
Do you even see a map - ignore if you have data - it should show the map grayed out?
The coordinates does not look like latitude/longitude. Metabase expects a format similar to this:

I don't see the map, there isn't a map displayed. Just the legend with shape colors. My geojson had more than just the shapefile coordinates. I'll look for a file of Canada similar to what you shared. Thanks.