Map Visualization

Similar to US and World maps the are pre - installed in map Visualization.

I need the detailed steps if possible to add the map of (Saudi Arabia)

I would really appreciate it if the reply in detailed steps.

Hi @Mohammad_Abdallah
Have you tried to search the forum or the documentation before creating new topics?

I've read this before and I have GeoJSON for ksa but i don't have it as url

@Mohammad_Abdallah I don't know what "ksa" is, but you'll need to but the GeoJSON on a webserver that is accessible by Metabase. There's no other options.

hi @flamber here is the link

how to get the (URL) to insert as new map ?

@Mohammad_Abdallah You are not linking to a GeoJSON file. If you don't have a GeoJSON file, then you cannot use Custom Maps functionality in Metabase.

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