Maps in Metabase


Working with maps in Metabase. Is there a way to extract the location from lat,long and show it on the dashboard instead of lat,long itself?

Hi @ali.mojiz
I’m not sure what you’re asking. Do you want to show the address/region/country instead of a pin? Then no, that’s not possible. You would have to do that through a lookup service and feed that back to the table, so Metabase can show that.

@flamber I have the lat,long but want to show the location name based on lat,long similar to what tableau does. Got your answer.

@ali.mojiz I don't know what Tableau does, but Metabase does that already (as long as there's fewer than 1000 points):

@flamber Did you have the city name already or metabase did it for you through a service? I just have the lat,long.

@ali.mojiz I’m providing City in the data returned. Like I said, Metabase does not have a lookup service - you would have to return the data you want to display.

Got it. Thanks!