Mark collections or tables as "temporarily incomplete"

From time to time we rebuild our order reports table from scratch. That process can take several hours and sometimes it breaks half-way etc. During that time we would like to tell users not to rely on related reports. That "notification" should be very visible and include the possibility to specify some text.

Currently I think the only possibilities would be to remove permissions on collections or tables or taking down our metabase instance.

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Hi @bjorm

May I recommend building your tables with different names, or in a different schema and then just rename move the table when it's done, since that should just take a second.

I do this for millions of rows from different tables that needs to go into a single table, so instead of breaking everything during the process, so I just use a different table name and when it's done, then I drop the old table and rename the newly created table.

But you're likely looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks for the quick response.
Yeah I guess having all reports zeroed would make it obvious for most people not to rely on them. Still, giving users (especially those outside our team) more context about a disruption would be very helpful.

I upvoted the github issue and hope this feature will find its way into metabase soon.

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