Markdown and local image


I’m currently trying to show some images in Metabase dashboard.
It seems that the best (and only ?) solution is to use text card and markdown.

I have no problem to display an external image with :

Problem is i would like to display a local image and i couldn’t handle that.
This is what i tried

I also tried to put my picture directly in the same directory with metabase.jar and call it with

without success…

I would greatly appreciate some help if someone already handled this situation.

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Hi @stabylo
You have to thank the browsers and their security. If you could do what you’re trying to do, then a bad-actor could do the same and gain access to your local files, without your knowledge.
While it’s possible to inject files into the Metabase.jar file, I would recommend that you setup web server (like Nginx, Apache, etc) and host your files on that - and you could even use it as a reverse proxy too.

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You got a point … i finally decided for an external link for this image.
Thanks @flamber for your answer.

Convert the image to Base 64 and embed the image directly in markdown.