Markdown File Links Not Working in Dashboard

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with using Markdown links in Metabase. I’m trying to include a link to a PDF file in my Metabase dashboard, and I’m using the following Markdown syntax:


The problem is that while the link appears correctly in the dashboard, it does not seem to be functional. When I enter the link directly into my browser, it works perfectly fine and opens the PDF as expected.

Is there a way to enable or configure this functionality in Metabase so that the link works from within the dashboard? I really need this feature to be operational.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hey There,

you might not need the prefix file:.

Just use


It will be parsed as


Hope this helps.

Yes, it opens normal PDFs from the internet (http) and it works, but what about files from the internal fileshare? All the new browsers can do this and recognize that it is internal with the file: prefix, but with Metabase, it somehow doesn't work.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

I did this test, and indeed local links cannot be opened. while normal links work perfectly.

One idea would be to host your PDF somewhere on the cloud, S3 or Dropbox, and add the link of those remote files into your dashboard.