Max Rows limitation in Metabase


Metabase says that it has max rows limitation. 2000 for raw data and 10000 for aggregated data. Is this limit true for Metabase Enterprise version as well?

Hi @swaga
Yes, for the interface. There’s also a limit on downloads of 1 million rows.
The Enterprise Edition will likely get environment variables to adjust this in the upcoming version.

Thanks for reply flamber.
Do you have any confirmed upcoming release number in which I can get this feature. We are exploring Metabase Enterprise version to check if it fits for our needs in project.

So flmaber just for clarity, In upcoming versions environment variables would be there to adjust only rows being downloaded or for interface as well?

One more point related to download of rows, I could see that I am unable to open downloaded excel file having less than 1 million rows. However, its preview shows it has content of json type. When I manually changed its extension to .json, file opened in json format. This was not the case till last week (19th June).

I could see that there is separate option to download file in json format.

Can you please check and confirm if this is broken right now and will be fixed in upcoming release?

Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

So what changed between now and June 19th? Did you upgrade Metabase version, or has the data changed, or …?

What does “unable to open downloaded” mean? Is the file corrupted, did it not download, is there errors in the log (Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs), or …?

Currently it’s scheduled for 1.36.0, but I’m unsure if it will make it into that release - otherwise it should arrive soon after. There’s no release date, but probably within a few weeks.

Out of interest, why do you need to show more than 2000 rows in the interface? Most users won’t be able to browse through that amount of information in a meaningful way without using filters, which is then a new query with it’s own 2000 rows.

After download, when I try to open it, it says file is corrupted or extension is not .xlsx

@swaga And all the other questions? I’m sure it’s probably generating a stacktrace error, which is what is returned in the XLSX file, so it’s not a valid type and should only be a few kilobytes in size.

File is of 16 KB flamber. But I believe this is not a blocker for me right now.

@swaga Then it’s almost guaranteed it’s an error stacktrace, but without you providing more information, then it’s likely not going to get fixed.

I understand. In Toubleshooting->Logs , I could see logs of only last 2 days (yesterday + today). So, there was no such error detected in these 2 logs. Now, excel download is working fine. Surely there was an issue earlier.

We have Metabase instance hosted on AWS and I believe it tries to pull up latest version whichever is available. Data was same as I ran same query and there was no update in tables.


  1. Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting
  2. Open the corrupted XLSX file in a text editor and paste the stacktrace here
  3. If it is working now, but not two days ago, and you’re using the same version of Metabase, then it sounds like the problem is not Metabase, but somewhere else that is causing problems.

Hi @flamber what about download from the question in Metabase for 35k row (in actual) but I only get 25k row after downloading as CSV. I think limit row when we download as CSV or others 1 million right? why did it happen?

@sup Not the same problem, so please open a new topic and post “Diagnostic Info” and which database you’re querying and any warnings/errors from the log during the export.

Hey flamber. I couldn’t find if row limit 2k is extended already for enterprise. Was it launched since June? Tks

@dribarbosads No, it has not been implemented: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber I heard that Metabse has now no row limitation, is this true? I see that the Feature requests are still open.

Hi @flamber.
Why the attached file in subscribed email contains only 2000 rows of result ? Is there a way to send the entire result in the attached file by subscribed email ? Is there any different between open source and license version ?