Maximum call stack size Exceeded


I have a dashboard with 2 charts and whenever I open it, I am getting ‘Maximum call stack size Exceeded’ error. Many times tab freezes as well. I am running Metabase 0.31.2

Console Error:
DEPRECATED: metabase/redux/metadata fetchDatabaseMetadata
v @ app-main.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:5
app-main.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:5 RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
at t.value (app-main.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:5)
at u._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at u._renderValidatedComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at u._updateRenderedComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at u._performComponentUpdate (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at updateComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at u.receiveComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at Object.receiveComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:83)
at u._updateRenderedComponent (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
at u._performComponentUpdate (vendor.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:145)
(anonymous) @ app-main.bundle.js?78262faa1c529a733077:5


Possibly related issue reported on GitHub:

As you can see from that issue it was apparently only reporoducible in Chrome, and under sertaion circumstances.

Please look through that issue and what was tried to reproduce - than give give as much relevant info (browser, did you also zoom, etc etc.), so someone can hopefully reproduce. Otherwise there’s a slim chance to nail this bug.