May I clean or delete or drop QUERY_EXECUTION table?

in order to solve my space issue in the Heroku (write access revoked) I’d like to know if I can drop all QUERY_EXECUTION table.

I guess it works like a events log of queries running, no?
Pls help me!

I hope cleaning this table everyrhing back again!

You can delete it without too much horrible things happening. We use it for things like cache tuning and a few little bits and pieces of added UX smoothness.

If you can, we suggest folks on Heroku upgrade their database instance above the free tier.

Tks so much. I’m gonna drop this table. do u suggest any other table in other to save space?
tks again!


I really hope you didn’t drop the table, but only dropped rows, and if anyone is reading this DON’T DROP THE TABLE, do a delete from query_execution and not a drop table!

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dont worry ! U´r right I used delete. Tks again for support me! The tool is awesome!
pls let me know if I can DELETE other table.

That should be the big one.

I would suggest leaving everything else alone =)