Merge 2 Dashboard Filters

Would it be possible to make multiple dashboard filters have the same value with one click? I tried "Linked Filters", but it's not quite what I expected. I suggest a feature very similar to "Linked Filters" that does not "... limit the available choices for this filter" but uses the same value as another filter linked to it.

My current temporary fix: now, I have to tell users to change 2 date filters to the same date. It would be really helpful if users can just change 1 filter and that filter changes these 2 date filter shown below: image

Hi @christian-wiloejo
Why are you using two filters instead of one? I think you need to provide context of your solution, so it is possible to understand why you are doing that.

Thank you for your quick reply @flamber!

I am using two filters instead of one because I am linking those 2 filters to 2 different columns from different tables. An example to elaborate: 1) dashboard filter 1 is linked to Orders table's date column in all of the cards/questions and 2) dashboard filter 2 is linked to Organization table's date column in all of the cards/questions.

Hope this helps!

@christian-wiloejo There's a request for using a single Date filter, but allowing it be used on different tables: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
There's work being done to make filters more flexibility in future versions.

Hey @flamber, I don't think it's quite what we are discussing here. That Allow relative dates for default values in SQL variables · Issue #4509 · metabase/metabase · GitHub talks about wanting the default to be "today" or "last 30 days" for example, whereas what I mentioned above is allowing 2 filters to be controlled by 1.


@christian-wiloejo 4509 would allow creating a single filter with more customization on the variable.
You're welcome to open a feature request: