Metabase 0.30 RC Feedback

Hi everyone!

We just released our first RC for Metabase 0.30. It’s all about improving collections and permissions, but we threw in a few other fun things like conditional formatting and x-ray comparisons. You can learn more about all the features over on the GitHub release page. Since this is a fairly big update we wanted to open up an official feedback thread here to see what you all think.

If you have a few minutes, we’d love it if you could give us your thoughts in this survey.


First thing I noticed is that the last word on the Github release page is “form” and is probably meant to be “forum” :slight_smile:
But all kidding aside, looking forward to trying it out, especially the conditional formatting feature.

So far, wonderful. Gonna take a bit to teach my “internal data customers” the new layout, but it is perfect, simply. So far, greatest disapointment has been the conditional formatting, which gets messed up when the first value is much greater than the last value, thus leaving small values in white:

I’d also like to be able to conditionally format pivot table, like this:



What can I say? I love “Kitten Break”…

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Metabase 0.30 is the best version since 0.26 because…i am able to connect with my mssql server without an error!! :wink:

Maybe i found a little bug, but i don´t know if this feature is new. In my table I have an timestamp as varchar and i change it into “creation date” in the Data Model, so metabase can filter the date and use different group by commands like “Group by Quarter”. Everything works, but when I select “filtered by current year” and “group by Month” for example, i get an error. “Current year” and “group by week” works, the same by “current year” and “group by day”…it has only a Problem with month and quarter.

Well done, guys! Quick note: as time goes by, x-ray suggestions get a little old. An option to never see that again would be nice :wink:

edit: sorry, just pinned a dashboard to the root ‘our analytics’ and the x-ray suggestions are gone. Anyhow, a dismiss button would still be nice

Hey @kdoh I just noticed — HUUUUGE stuff guys :tada: - congrats on it & thanks a bunch. I haven’t even taken it out for a spin yet…

Looking at the GitHub release page above I noticed it still has a link for the RC .jar. You guys probably want to fix that as part of wider announcement.

Anyways I see it’s already on :whale: Docker Hub … so here we go :wink:

Thanks @jornh! We’ll make sure everything’s updated for when we do the official announcement here in a little bit.

Yup, I’ll note that until has the new version, we don’t consider a given release “official” and might still be testing things out. So uh … use at your own risk =)

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Thanks @vitor.hirota. Good to know. A more explicit way to manage that section of the homepage might be something worth looking into.

@sameer roger that! I know you warned around here before, and totally understand you guys need to get all the ducks in a row before announcing.

I’m trying the best I can to reflect the same sentiment “tread carefully, its freshly baked” in my posts. Definitely don’t want to step on you guys toes.

And I seen you officially announced it now (still, people need to test before putting to production, or at least have proper ways to restore):