Metabase 0.31: Multi series charting doesn't work with number visualisations


I just updated to Metabase 0.31 and noticed that multi series charting doesn’t seem to be working with number visualisations on dashboards. In version 0.30.4, it was possible to add other saved questions to number visualisations in order to create e.g. funnel charts. For some reason, that option isn’t available anymore. Would you be able to help with this issue?

Version 0.30.4

Version 0.31

Thanks already in advance!

It was spotted in this thread:

Great, thank you!

Reproduced this and filed an issue here:

I have just update to 0.31.2 and i’m facing this same problem. Would you be able to help with this issue, @maz ?

@gabriel.otto It’s fixed in the upcoming 0.32.0, which might be released within a couple of days.

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Thank you!