【metabase:0.47.0】 csv file upload to collections error

when i upload csv file into my collections,an error occurred:

it says "Identifier name is too long",how to solve the problem?

Do you happen to know which database and schema you’ve associated in Metabase Admin Settings?

They each have their limitations for column identifiers and handle them in different ways.
For instance, I believe MS SQL Server it’s 128 characters and Postgres automatically truncates to under 64 characters.

What’s the name of the csv file?

yes,my database is mysql8.0,and schema named csvdata.and i already associated with [ip:port/admin/databases/3] in my docker container

name of csv is: 2021年_唐僧叨叨市_行政处罚案件情况统计表

Please shorten the file name