Metabase 0.49.3 About is showing 0.49.2 version


I've checked the hash of the file. It's
110d6fbe03504200c5fc4bbba031be2c63db80c6281f2fea6b5ff0ed816d6630 metabase-0.49.3.jar

The log file also reports 0.49.2


Considering that the head of the tag is collected at build time, isn't this jar generated without 0.49.3 updates whose tag is dba0992 ?


Geraldo Lopes de Souza

Mine shows 0.49.3 (2024-04-20).

I think you have the wrong download or if hosted, it's not been updated yet.

You're right. That was definitely a mistake on my part.

I'm using Supervisorctl (which is fantastic, by the way) to manage my Metabase instance.

However, simply stopping the instance doesn't trigger a configuration update. I needed to run the update command to reload the new configuration file.