Metabase 32.1 Freezing/Memory Issues


Ever since upgrading to version 32 I have been experiencing significantly higher levels of crashed and hanging in the application. I have increased allowable memory but version 32.1 is very unstable and is constantly crashing, requiring a restart.

There is also an increased frequency of reports not showing up with only the top blue heading loading in.

I have reverted to 31.1 which works fine, running PostgreSQL on a jar deployment.

Hi @Sunny
Which datasources are you connecting to? I’m guessing you’re using Postgres for internal metadata?
When it crashes, what do you see in the logs - both Metabase and system logs?
How long does it take before it crashes?
Do you have metrics of memory consumption - meaning how much memory does Metabase consume after start and then before it crashes?

I’m guessing you’re using a reverse proxy like Nginx/Apache in front of Metabase? If yes, then that’s probably caused by an issue with the new async Jetty webserver, which hopefully will be fixed in the upcoming 0.32.3:

EDIT: While I don’t think it’s going to make a big difference, have you tried 0.32.2?