Metabase 46.6 timezone issue with bigquery

In metabase v44.7, report timezone was not affecting the output of timestamp fields from bigquery results as bigquery uses UTC as default timezone and in metabase i was using IST as report timezone.

After upgrading to v46.6 i am getting output of timestamp fields with +05:30 as per the report timezone.

Please suggest any configuration change to keep the output of the query in UTC as bigquery and get reports in IST.

Sorry I don’t get what’s going on: you have the field values in utc or ist?

I have field values in Bigquery as UTC and IST report timezone in metabase. 5 hours and 30 mintues are added to query results in metabase but we want values in UTC only.
Hope i am able to explain the problem.

Were you able to fix this?

what problem are you hitting?