Metabase alerts firing at random times

Good afternoon,

I have a single alert on a report that is running and firing an email out when there are results. The problem is that the emails seem to fire at very random times and 3-4 times per hour when the alert is set to run 'Hourly'.

Any idea what is going on and is this a known problem.

I'm currently running version 0.35.3 if that helps.

Many thanks,

Hi @markveg
Check the log for details. And the application database table tast_history and pulse to see if it somehow got registered several times.

But you're using a very old version of Metabase, so there has been many changes since.

Hi @flamber,

Thanks for the reply - the logs didn't give me any hints from what I can see. One of our developers has access to the backend MB database so I'll investigate those tables and report back if I find the issues.

Appreciate the version is a bit behind and also thanks for your input.

Kind regards,