Metabase always show this report have a problem

The dashboard always show a report haved a probelm, what’s wrong whit it ? how can I resolve this problem?
If I refresh the dashboard, this report is ok, who has this problem, and how to resolve then question ?

Hi @lily
I’m guessing you’re using one of the 0.32.x versions?
Are you querying Redshift? If yes, then the issue was fixed in the latest release 0.33.2
If no, then which database are you querying? And which version are you using?

I use the metabase version is 0.31.0, and I use the database is mysql 5.6.

Okay, that version is almost a year old. Latest release is 0.33.2
What errors do you see in the Metabase log?
I would recommend that you backup, and then upgrade to a newer release.