Metabase and Citus Data

I have deployed Metabase at our company and I am researching database options. Even thought I saw Metabase supports Citus in this blog post (, before making the decision I wanted to make sure it would support Citus Data ( in an upgrade path from a single node Postgres.

Is anyone using Citus Data right now with Metabase. Have you found that it works well?

Hi @computerrivet

Looking at Citus documentation, it says that it’s “… an extension to Postgres. Not a fork. So it’s easy for us to keep Citus in sync with the latest releases of Postgres …”, which should mean that it works with Metabase, just like a normal Postgres would.

And searching both the forum and Github, doesn’t mention Citus, so I think your best bet is to try and report back.

I’m guessing you’re considering Citus Community, but maybe you could try with Citus Cloud and see if Metabase connects without problems, before migrating your own setup.