Metabase API Authentication


I’m trying to authenticate using api/session/google_auth via Postman.

But I don’t know what information I am supossed to set to param token .

Can somebody help me?


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Solved requesting api/session

Hey can you help answer this?
I am trying to use the metabase API to get data into a google sheet (without making the question public)

Can you help?

Hey manghat!


My problem was that the account I was trying to authenticate was configured to authenticate via Google SSO.

So, first set up an account where you can authenticate using only its email and password.

Then, you need to request Metabase API to authenticate… like this:

Finally, use this endpoint to get question results:

When you make this second request… You must provide X-Metabase-Session header with the value retrived from first request (session endpoint)…Example:

You need any help, let me know :slight_smile:

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Just to make it easier for everyone, here’s the links:


Thanks flamber :slight_smile:

Thank you Gustavo!

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