Metabase application database schema


I'm looking for a way to analyse the behaviour of questions and dashboard in metabase, I have connected the application database as an input database in metabase but I can't seem to find any interesting tables or schema that I can query for that.
Any documentation available about the schema of the application database?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Carlier

Hi @alex23
Are you sure you've connected to the correct database? There's plenty of interesting things :wink:
Have a look here for some examples: Metabase Metadata SQL

The application database schema is mostly documented in the migration yaml:
And then there's a slightly outdated version here:

Hi @flamber,

I think I'm looking in the right database, as I'm looking into the postgres database attached to my docker container, which should contain the application database for metabase, but I dont have automatic schema discovery, could you tell me what schema name is used for all the tables defined here: ?

@alex23 That is defined by your Postgres database. Normally that is public. Perhaps it's different for your setup. You define everything in the MB_DB_CONNECTION_URI, so you are controlling that.
You can see all environment variables here: