Metabase aws elastic beanstalk issues

The client's Metabase dashboard on AWS Elastic Beanstalk ran smoothly for 3 months until today when they reported being redirected to the setup page upon logging in. What might be the issue and how to fix this.

You need to provide more detail about your environment, logs, Disgnostic Info.

It seems that your Database was wiped out. Do you have a backup?

you never configured a database (RDS) in the elastic beanstalk deployment, therefore the deployment (which is in fact a container inside a EC2 machine) recycled and all the information was lost, as the database was inside the container (H2 embedded database)

Hi @Luiggi, wow, so I need to set up rds? Can I set this up separately or have to use the database option in the elb configuration options.

do it separately and connect the beanstalk environment to it