Metabase Cache Hit

Hello Metabase team,

I am using Metabase 0.41 community edition and we're planning to test the Enterprise version.

But as we still have the community edition, wanted to get your help related to Caching.

I have enabled the Cache from the Admin console, and set the TTL and other confs.

But, I wanted to know if the Metabase Questions are getting loaded from this Cached data or not.

Is there a way I can find how many Questions had Cache-hit?

I can see in the Applications DB, table query_cache, which contains the queries cached. And at the same time I can see the queries fired in the query_execution table, and there is a column 'cache_hit', but that column is always empty.

So not able to get a list of the queries using cache-hit or some metrics to know that these many queries are using the cache.

Could you please help in this?


Hi @Anuraag
You can currently only see that in the log. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hello @flamber,

I am not able to find anything under Admin, named Audit.

By Audit, you mean the Metabase logs? From there I can find things related to the TTL like this - INFO metabase.api.card Question's average execution duration is 3.3 s; using 'magic' TTL of 27.7 mins

And, is this the same in the Enterprise version or we have a way to track the cache there?


@Anuraag Audit is only available in Enterprise/Pro edition, which has a license for that:

There's currently no way to track cache hit ratio. The issue applies to all versions of Metabase.

Okay, thanks @flamber!