Metabase changing metrics names on joined questions

Hi Folks!

We're trying to struggle here a bad product behavior, that is:

While we are working with summarize in joined questions, we realize that Metabase replace automatically metrics names, usually switching the metrics from right side on JOIN, to the metrics into the left side.


  • Our stakeholder might be confused while they are building, and if returns the wrong number, we have a big problem!

BEHAVIOR: So, we write the custom expression and in the next mouse click, it changes the field name to another that does not exist. See this example:

In the first part, on Max clause We see: question 3880 -> Sum of Valid transaction, but just bellow, We can actually that the fields avaiable inside question 3880 are:

  • Question 3880 → Created At
  • Question 3880 → Sum of ads_details_acquisition_costs
  • Question 3880 → Sum of ads_details_retention_costs
  • Question 3880 → source

But no one called: question 3880 -> Sum of Valid transaction

So, We can conclude that there is an error here.

The following image shows what is inside the query 2, named as Question → 3880, in merge question

But it does not exists at Question 3880 →:

The following image shows that inside this query named Question 3880 - “Investimento por tipo - query 2 diário”, we don't have any option that match with the name showed at the previous image(question 3880 → Soma de Valid transaction does not exists inside the Question 3880 →).

So, we can reproduce here, that there is an possible bug

Anyone have faced this same issue?