Metabase Cloud - Instance Deleted

Hi! We started a Metabase Free Trial. We've loved the product so far and we're ready to start a subscription. However, due to us cancelling auto-renewal at the start of the trial period, our instance got deleted when the trial period finished. Now, we've lost all access.

Is there a way to get back our instance? It's pretty ridiculous that our instance got deleted without prior notice.

Hi @tobemb
Contact support via
You cancelled the subscription, which will then terminate the instance.

@flamber Thanks for the reply. Is there any other way to contact support? I really need this up and going for a presentation and I understand support usually answers in 72hs right?

I understand that cancelling will terminate the instance. It's just very strange that I have no way of resuming my subscription.

@tobemb The instance gets terminated at the end of the subscription. It now requires our developers to recover the instance, which will take a day or two.
We are working on putting instances into a suspended mode for a while instead of terminating, but that is still not completed.