Metabase cloud losing connection details

Hi, there I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere else so am looking for some help.

We are currently on Metabase cloud and have a connection to a Postgres DB in AWS. The connection is working fine and we have no problems with our dashboards.
However, periodically our connection information seems to reset to the system defaults such as localhost etc.

Does anyone have any ideas, its not ideal as all our dashboards break until I reinput all the connection information?

Thanks in advance

Hi @dominicgreen

I have never seen something like that, where database details are lost (reset to nothing/defaults).
I only know of one issue, that can happen on multi-instances, when editing the database details, then some of the instances might hold on to the previous details until restarted.

Are you using firewall to allow only specific IPs from accessing your database? If yes, did you add all 3 IPs? IP to whitelist for Metabase Cloud instances

@dominicgreen I think I know what's going on. You have changed the H2 "Sample Dataset" to your Postgres database instead of creating a new database.
I don't have a quick-fix for this, since that requires modifying parts of the application database, which neither you or I have access to. Please contact so I have a ticket to connect this to.

Thanks so much for your quick reply.
I don't remember modifying the sample data set but it is a possibility I have create ticket 5133


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