Metabase Cloud SMTP - Email conversion

Hi everyone, glad to be posting here.
I couldn't find a topic where this specific question is asked, so I apologize in advance if it has already been asked.
In my organization, we are using Metabase Cloud, which has its own SMTP (mailing) solution, so that customers don't need to worry about that, but for analytic purposes, we need to know when users interact with the emails that are sent from our Metabase Instance, for example, when a dashboard subscription recipient opens/interacts with the email. As far as I've been able to investigate, with the Metabase Cloud SMTP solution, that is not possible.
The question is: is that possible with Metabase Cloud? or it isn't and we should aim for a self-hosted instance so that we can configure our own SMTP solution/provider.

Thanks in advance!

It's not possible with the cloud, and also not possible on self hosted versions unless you modify deeply the product (fork it and do a custom build) since you need to inject custom javascript in the html of the email or modify the backend of Metabase to send emails that append some tracking, is that what you want?

For example, using AWS SES as your SMTP service, you can configure it to be notified when a user interacts with your email. Example: Monitor opens, clicks, and bounces for Amazon SES emails | AWS re:Post