Metabase competitive comparisons?

I’ve just been using Metabase for about a week, and I am blown away at how wonderful it is! I’ve never used any BI application before and Its already saving me lots of time.

I stumbled across it while looking at commercial options; the only one of which is within my budget is “Clicdata”.
I feel like I’ve got the basics of Metabase down, but am certainly no expert. Doing my “due diligence” I’m signing up for Clidata free trial as well, but thought I’d ask here:

What features do commercial products like Clicdata have that Metabase might lack? I’ve noticed a couple of small things (like want to do inter-column comparison filtering). But truthfully, Metabase already does more than I was looking for when I began my search, so perhaps I’ve got a lot to learn about the “BI” space :blush:

Hi @tengammaps

There are many products out there - both commercial and open source - but there’s not a comparison sheet for every single one.

It would be great if you wrote about your experience with Clicdata here, along with comparison pros/cons. Every system has it’s limitations, but also it’s strengths.

But keep in mind that Metabase is made for digging into the data, which means more options to the end-user, where other systems (example open source Redis) are primarily focused on displaying data created by a data-analyst with queries.

After my 15 day trial experience w/ Clicdata I’ll make it a point to post some useful compare & contrast information here; I wasn’t sure that was appropriate, but I’d love to contribute anything of value since so many others have obviously contributed so much time & talent!

The distinction in the last paragraph is helpful to me too; enabling end users to dig around vs. presenting data analyst prepared summaries.

Thanks again @flamber!

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Thank you @jornh. I had missed those in my search!