Metabase connecting with MongoDB bi connector

can anybody help me the issue I'm facing while connecting MongoDB bi connector to metabase?[quote="rollick, post:1, topic:2426, full:true"]
Hey all. I have been trying to get Metabase talking to MongoDB 3.4 with Connector for BI. I can see the tables / schema using the Mysql adapter in Metabase but every query results in "parse sql 'rollback' error: syntax error at position 9 near rollback". Here is the debug output from Connector for BI: gist:696953e92ae3fd34995f9f25ef347407 · GitHub

I am able to query the the setup using the Mysql cli client and also from a Redash setup.

Is anybody successfully using Metabase + MongoDB Connector for BI? Any suggestions for working around this issue?

Please post diagnostic info.

Have you considered:

  1. connecting directly to MongoDB
  2. Using Trino